Community Reinvestment

Investing in the communities we serve

We put into practice a simple but powerful idea: working together we have the ability to change lives and improve our communities. Through our commitment to community reinvestment in residential housing and other areas, we continue to work with local organizations to touch lives and help redevelop our neighborhoods by extending opportunities to more families and individuals. 


Investments are more than dollars and cents at Arflexxe Investment

We believe in active involvement in civic, social, and any other activities that contribute to the enrichment of the communities we serve.

As a "Super-Community Bank," we strive to serve customers throughout the Midwest with a full breadth of financial solutions and a fervent dedication to impacting lives whenever possible. Our hope is that we will quietly make a meaningful difference for our clients, while improving and preserving the quality of life in our communities.

Arflexxe Investment's community reinvestment strategy focuses on community development and redevelopment needs in all segments of the bank's markets, specifically targeting low-to-moderate income neighborhoods.

One of Arflexxe Investment's objectives is to increase homeownership opportunities in all communities we serve. To facilitate this objective, Arflexxe Investment works in cooperation with experienced nonprofit organizations involved in housing development.

With an emphasis on housing, the Arflexxe Investment Community Development Corporation has financed the development of housing and apartment units throughout the communities we serve.