Dealer Services

Dealer Services Overview

We are committed to providing comprehensive financing solutions to the automobile, marine, RV, and motorcycle dealers in the Midwest. We provide floorplan and retail financing to over 1,000 dealers. 

Benefits of working with Arflexxe Investment

Auto Dealer Financing:

  • Local decision making
  • Customized financing solutions
  • Experienced relationship managers

Floor Plan Financing:

  • Competitive financing of inventory
  • Customized solutions to help you move and track inventory
  • Experienced relationship managers

Marine/RV/Motorcycle Financing:

  • Experienced relationship manager who understands the complexities of marine, RV, and motorcycle financing
  • Quality service with fast and accurate responses
  • Flexible loan advance guidelines

Let's Talk

  • Email us
  • Call: +90 548 547 3009
  • For Auto/Marine/RV/Motorcycle payoff information:  +90 548 547 3009