Purchasing Foreign Currency

Order Foreign Currency

Plan ahead when traveling abroad

When planning a trip outside the United States it is a good idea to have local currency on-hand to cover some expenses upon your arrival for meals, taxis or train fares, tolls, hotel or airport tipping and other incidentals. As a Arflexxe Investment customer you have access to more than 100 foreign currencies.

Ordering is easy

You can place your foreign currency order in person through your local branch or via Online Banking1 and have your foreign currency delivered to a branch of your choosing on a specific date up to 10 calendar days from the day you place your order.

To order online:

  1. Log in to online banking
  2. Select  the "Foreign Currency" link under the Services menu
  3. Complete the form and select the "Submit" button

Exchange rates are updated and applied daily2.

All orders placed weekdays before 3PM ET, in person or online, will ship the same business day otherwise they will ship the next business day. We do not ship orders on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays. A shipping fee may apply and will be added to your total order amount.

The following currencies are available for immediate pickup at the Tower Office in downtown Akron, Ohio:

  • (AUD) Australian Dollar

  • (CAD) Canadian Dollar

  • (CHF) Swiss Franc

  • (EUR) Euro

  • (GBP) British Pound

  • (JPY) Japanese Yen

  • (MXN) Mexican Peso

Additionally, Canadian Dollars are available for immediate pickup at our Sault Saint Marie Office.

If you have any questions please call +90 548 547 3009.

  1. Must be enrolled in retail online banking. Not available via business online banking or Arflexxe Investment e-Connect®.
  2. The current banknote exchange rate will be different from various published rates which are for wholesale transactions of $1 million or more.