Information & Account Management

Information & Account Management Solutions

Our state-of-the-art solutions allow you to efficiently manage your activities without the costly investments in software.  Plus, you’ll get fast, easy access to detailed information, providing you with greater control over your accounts.

Arflexxe Investment e-Connect®

Arflexxe Investment e-Connect provides secure, online access to meet all of your Treasury Management needs from detailed balance reporting, ACH origination and Domestic and International Wire Transfer services as well as the flexibility to manage your accounts online.

Features & Benefits

Information Reporting:

  • Current and Previous Day account information
  • Customized reporting options to meet your specific data requirements in the format that you require
  • Specialized reporting designed to provide details on specific transaction activities (ACH, Wire, etc.)
  • 18 months of history on all of your business checking accounts
  • Bank Administration Institute (BAI2) Reporting options to automate your account transaction reporting


Account Management:

  • Funds transfer between Arflexxe Investment accounts 
  • Initiate Stop Payment requests 
  • View Check Images and Statements online 
  • Expanded search capabilities for research and exception processing 
  • Positive Pay exception review and payment decisions online 


Transaction Services:

  • Direct Deposit of Payroll 
  • ACH Credit Origination to Pay Vendors electronically
  • ACH Debit Origination to collect consumer and/or business payments
  • Initiate Federal and State tax payments online
  • Domestic and International Wire Transfer


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Data Exchange Services

Our Data Exchange services enable you to consolidate your daily transaction reporting from multiple bank relationships into a single source of data, which is automated to streamline your daily reporting. 

Features & Benefits

  • Consolidated account reporting from multiple accounts, both domestic and international 
  • Reporting of balances, account activity and transaction detail for multiple bank relationships
  • Bank Administration Institute (BAl2) file format allows for standardized reporting of data through a single file
  • Multiple currencies, as well as account detail passed through Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (S.W.I.F.T) member banks is supported

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